24 years old, wow, time flies or what?! I have not been able to give you guys any updates until now since I, unfortunately, had to spend all my energy on not feeling sick on my birthday but thank god it got better after the first day in Dubai. The days before my birthday Tobi spent in London for work and of course those were the days I felt the THE worst, so it was me and Deliveroo for a couple of days in Abu Dhabi.

A Swedish girl was kind and reached out to me so we met at LART in Saadiyat for lunch before I head off to my birthday weekend in Dubai.

I arrived to Dubai around 4 pm and checked in to Atlantis The Palm, ordered some room service and got prepared for my first event in the UAE. Last week I met a wonderful UK woman who runs her own marketing company in Dubai and they were about to celebrate their 5th birthday and she invited me. EVERYONE THERE WERE SO SO FRIENDLY!

Look at this view from our hotel room! So so beautiful. I must say you kind of get pretty spoiled with nice views here. I will try my best to let it all sink in a little more.

I was looking for some flowers to the host for 30 minutes and finally found a super nice shop with amazing flowers. The event were at a place called Folly by Nick & Scott and after a few hours of mingle Tobi arrived from London and we ordered some room service for a late dinner together before I fell asleep super early. I got my xmas/wedding gift from Tobi and I was so so so excited for him to arrive haha. Unfortunately, the bracelet I got 12th December were one size too small so he had to change it in London. Happy girl for sure! Love love love it.

24th birthday morning! I got super nice presents from Toby and then we headed down for breakfast at the hotel.

He wanted to take me to a shooting range but I still felt pretty weak so I just wanted to relax which we did before switching hotel to my favorite hotel, Waldorf Astoria. Yeey, lucky me.

Before we could check in we took a little lunch near the pool and just had a blast.

Just look at this room, can´t be anything than happy there. It felt like Swedish summer when you heard the birds outside the window. It was fantastic.

For dinner, he took me to Social by Heinz Beck. Really enjoyed it there, every dish were so unique with a great mix of taste. Really recommend you to go there too! YUM!

Then we actually fell asleep super early again. Don´t really know why we are so tired lately but I guess we should just embrace it now before my work storm starts soon again. Thank you for a wonderful birthday!

Time to get some tan before leaving home to Abu Dhabi again, much needed. I have been living here for more than a month now and I have not got myself a proper tan yet so It felt super good to finally get some haha. Especially since I am going back to Sweden in a few days again.

As you can see we had a wonderful day at the beach before going back home again. Where we did some brainstorming and went to the cinema and ate a LOT of candy. Y U M!

Now I am back in the game again, Tobi is at work and I am on my way to a nail salon to get my nails fixed. They grow like crazy here for sure!

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